M/S Abdul Kabir Construction Company

M/S A. Kabir Construction Company showed it resolution by expanding and diversifying its operation in different fields such are Roads, Bridges, Irrigation, Flood Carriage, Electrical, Mechanical, Building & Civil works.

The company has full time competent engineers, technical staff, skilled & un skilled labors, all sort of construction machinery and works on different engineering aspects.


Our landscape irrigation service handles irrigation installation and repairs for both commercial and residential properties.


We Abdul Kabir Construction Company work with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, municipalities across the province, and numerous public and private sector organizations on infrastructure maintenance and development.


In emergencies and special situations, residents and volunteers may do mold clean-up work that would normally be done by trained mold remediation professionals.

Great for you

Effective road and highways construction engineering and management are essential for successful infrastructure project completion.

we are experienced engineers and technologists and are recognized for the quality of our project solutions.

We hope and assure that if we given a chance, we would prove our self as a precious asset for your department.