Flood Carriage

In emergencies and special situations, residents and volunteers may do mold clean-up work that would normally be done by trained mold remediation professionals.

No matter who does the mold clean-up work, be sure to wear the necessary personal protective equipment and follow the work practices and procedures described in this guide for a safe and effective mold clean-up.

Extensive floods mainly occur when rivers ‘reclaim’ natural flood plains that have been built over.

While there may still, exceptionally, be good and sufficient reasons to build on flood plains, the long-term aim must be to avoid them and take opportunities to return them to their natural role.

Flood defences and drainage works

Flooding is part of the natural water cycle. Flood defences and drainage works
may reduce inundation in some areas, but only by transferring the water elsewhere.

National planning policy is clear that this is unacceptable if it places other properties at risk. Stirling is fortunate in that few occupied properties lie in regularly flooded areas, but significant areas of the city and some other towns and villages are at risk if flood events continue to increase in severity.